connecting the dots


Each of these posts was written for my blog, "Girl, Engineered", during the period of 2013-2016. I started the blog with the intention of discussing things meaningful to me that I couldn't necessarily talk about with those around me and also to potentially help others going through similar experiences. Since its inception, I've received numerous emails from readers who were happy to find someone who they felt they could relate to, particularly with respect to my posts on being the only woman at work and my experience with depression. I include the links because I think they provide valuable insight into me; who I really am when I think no one is watching. I have written extensively on the topics I discussed here and in my application because they really are the things most important to me that drive me every day. I hope, if you have time to read them as I'm aware I've exceeded my word limits by a lot, you find they shed some more light on who I am...and don't judge for any typos and informal language - like I said, no one was watching.